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23 April 2008

I have GOT to get...

...BACK on TRACK!!!

Spring break got me SO out of whack. My eating, blogging, remembering to take pictures has all been jumbled! I think I have lost readers too.. which is really bad seeing as I didn't have many to start with. Oh well.. LIFE happens. sorry.

The post is late because I am doing 9,000 things for work right now. I have T-shirts for the kids, and 8 million little flyer things to make for teacher appreciation week. Well.. I guess that's really only two things but they're time consuming. I also had that church meeting tonight. I think I just FEEL overwhelmed because of all the things I NEED to do. Finnish the house (paint the brick on the living room and MAKE CURTAINS!) I also managed to donate our old door knob to the church (don't ask) so now I HAVE to paint the front door and change out the knob by Sunday. Hrm.

Okay let's talk about food.

BREAKFAST: Banana oaties! The bag method worked like a charm! No, it wasn't as ripe as I like however it was better than it would have been had I NOT used the bag-- so happy I was!

Lunch was not as good as yesterdays!! But who can really compete with a subway subbie?! I had My new VERY delicious bread with deli chicken, green peppers, yogurt with fiber one and about half of the chips you see pictured. I did NOT have to eat with little kiddie monsters today which was the REAL treat! :o)

Snack-- I ate the rest of my baked lays from lunch and a mini ZONE bar. I love these little Zone bars. I knew I had a lot to do when I got home so I grabbed a Happy Hour Diet Dr. Pepper from Sonic on the way home. I have phases where I crave soda... I am in one now DARN it. I am back sliding people. I crave all these sweet good foods and it needs to STOP. Gotta keep reminding myself of that. :o)

Dinner-- Oooh yes I indulged in my yummy food. I was PLANNING to have a grilled chicken salad. Using LEFTOVER grilled chicken from Tuesday night. Seeing as I had subway, I had no leftover chicken and I didn't have time to grill some before the thing at church. SO i ate what I took! It was SO good. I made Chicken Casserole, Hashbrown Casserole and my mom added Corn and Green Beans. Now, my mom also makes these casseroles but it's been decided by my family than when I make them they taste better. It's the extra love really. ha-ha. I forgot my camera at home :( Oh yes.. I also had a tiny piece of redvelvet cake D made and about a T of strawberry ice cream.

I have also attached pictures of the cuties I made for my work friends. Enjoy!! :o)

I know I still need to show you more pictures of the house! Hang tight, I will have those oh by at least Sunday.

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