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21 April 2008


My Camera! I seriously cannot find it! I guess I left it at my parents house last night. I have talked to both of them today and neither said anything about it. Hrm...

For dinner I had subway! Mmm! I REALLY wanted a meatball sub... but I resisted and had turkey on wheat instead. To be more specific---turkey, american cheese, loaded with lettuce only on wheat. I also had a serving of baked lays. Sorry this post is so late! My dad came to pick me up around 6:30 to go to Lowe's to pick up a door. I wanted a door to put up to the living room so the cats don't get in there when we're not home. I don't want them infesting my new furniture with kitty hair!! It IS spring after all and that means my cats "malt". Ugh. The WORST thing about cats... their dumb hair. I seriously want to shave them both and if I had my way--- they would be. I might just do it anyway. D can get on over it. :o) Okay so that's what it is until I find my camera!! Camera phone pictures are just plain crummy so why bother you know?!

See ya tomorrow!!

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