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22 April 2008


My Camera! haha. Too little too late however. It WAS indeed at my parents house but neither of us had time to go get it until after dinner. Let's RECAP!

Breakfast---- BANANA OATIES!! I love my sweet oaties! We're fresh out of ripe 'nanas soo tomorrow I will have PLAIN cinnamon oaties?! I dunno how those will be. I think I am going to try putting a banana in a brown paper sack tonight. I hear that ripens them faster? We'll see.

Lunch--- LEFTOVER subway! This was my IDEAL lunch! With a sammie this wonderful UNDER 250 calories.. who can REALLY complain. Well.. I can! haha. I was SO full after lunch. I don't like feeling this way during my work day. After lunch I sat around like a lump for an hour. With my sammie I had baked lays and strawberry yogurt with fiber one. MmMm good!

Snacks-- Ugh. Another horrible bar. Zone Fruit Bar---Orange Cranberry. I REALLY hate to throw these things away because they're not cheap. $1.25 for a bar is high. However this tasted like ROTTEN O.J. I ate half of it and decided I had tortured myself enough. Out it went. When I got home I had a small snack size Zone Chocolate Bar. Much better.

Dinner-- SUBWAY AGAIN! lol. I didn't have time to cook tonight. Well let me take that back! We have a monthly women's meeting at our chuch and I have to cook for it tomorrow.. soo I made two casseroles for THAT however, didn't have time to cook anything for me and D. Tomorrow is also Secretary's Day and I just love all of those ladies at school so I made them all a little something. Anyhow.. I wanted a meatball sub this time. The calories weren't really that bad and I don't feel guilty. I ate my sub on wheat with cheese and a serving of baked lays.

That's all I have kids! Tomorrow I will have FUN FILLED PICTURES. I'll see what picture I can dig up for you. I am sure I have something interesting hidden on my computer!

A Kid took this picture of me in December '07. Obviously I was quite confused as to 1- why he had MY phone and 2- why a photo was being snapped of me!

And now.. after losing 30 + lbs----

Weight loss total: 35lbs! Just imagine if I had been working out this whole time. I need a good SHOVE out of bed in the AM.


Zach and Amanda said...

You LOOK SOOOOOO GOOD! i AM PROUD OF YOU! I think you should reward yourself with a trip to Portland. :)

sassy said...

You cat and mine must be twins!

Your shorter hair cut frames your face beautifully. Exercise is great for everybody but is hard to fit in a busy life. Just do your best :)