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03 April 2008


Thank Goodness It's THURSDAY!!! It sure FEELS like Friday around here! This week has been FOREVER long, and I know next week will be SO SHORT! I just hope we're able to get everything on my long list complete! I know we won't though, so I might as well accept defeat.

Okay to kick start the last day of work before break I had the last banana of the bunch in some oaties! I didn't eat the whole bowl because I think I am getting tired of banana oaties. I need to mix it up with different fruits.

Lunch was really good. I was super hungry today since I didn't eat my whole breakfast. I had half a chicken sammie on Whole Wheat bread, broccoli, and my old faithful strawberry yogurt with fiber one. Someone didn't shut the work fridge all the way because none of my food was cold! It was kind of gross but I tried not to think about it.

I wasn't able to have a snack at lunch today because we had a pep rally! Well, it wasn't really a pep rally.. it was a staff/student ball game. The kids had to pay to go and the money went to the Rotary Fund. You can't have a ball game without a a half time show!! Me and some of my co-workers worked it out and did the cupid shuffle... you better believe this was FUNNY!! Anyway, once I got home I had 1 T of peanut butter, 15 Kashi TLC's and a colby jack cheese piece. I made little sammies out of these. I love peanut butter and cheese!! Mmmm!

I don't know what I will have for dinner. For now I am thinking an omelet. D is off with me for the next TEN days, so I am excited to slow down a little and cook again. I am tired of not being at home!! We'll be super busy this week bu it will be our own schedule.

Well, I started out making an omelet, but once again ended up with a scrambled mess! The only good thing about it this time is that my picture LOOKS like I intended to scramble eggs! So yeah.. I had scrambled eggs and ham for dinner. hehe. I used 1 egg and 1/3 c egg whites. I also used about 3 oz of Black Forest Ham, and 1/2 slice american cheese that I cup up of course!! A slice of toast with honey butter. The toast tasted weird.. or maybe it was the honey butter. Either way, I didn't enjoy it. To drink I had a small glass of soy milk and a big glass of ice water. I love water! Later, I had a Vanilla Skinny Dipper.. but I have no photo :( I AM SO READY FOR D TO BE OFF FOR A WEEK!! I have been LONELY. Well, I've been busy too. I have this horrible NERVOUS feeling? Does anyone ever feel like that? I mean I guess it's the stress and anticipation from getting this house done, I don't know but it makes me just sick. bleh. Have a good night everyone!!

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