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24 February 2008


Hello to all who might stumble across my new little food blog.

I read several food blogs daily and have decided to start my own, for my own accountability mainly. I figure if I REALLY log what I eat and do daily AND I know others are reading.. it's a GREAT way to keep me accountable!

I am on a weight loss journey. I have a new way of eating.. a nice lifestyle change! (if only Gilbey will join in!) ((Gilbey=Husband..who is really named Dustin)) I have been eating healthy since January 6, 2008 and have already lost 25 lbs! Last week I had a horrible sinus infection and only ate my staple "sick foods": Campbell's Noodle Soup, Saltines, and half of a Peanut Butter Sammie... so I managed to gain 2 lbs back-- bringing my weight loss down to 23 lbs.. but that's fine. So what better time to start my blog NOW when I "begin" my "diet" again. I would love the support and accountability from YOU! Welcome to my weight loss journey! (that will hopefully end in pregnancy!!) ((Yes, I want to lose weight for many reasons... one being that I am not getting any younger and we want babies eventually.)) See ya tomorrow for Breakfast!!

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