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28 February 2008

Is it Friday yet?!

I hate work after a snow day!! The kids are crazy and it feels like it should be Friday--- yet the day always runs as if it were Monday! Oh well.

On the way to work, I had my usual blueberry oaties. Tomorrow I think the bananas will be ripe enough and I'll have banana oaties!!

Lunch was d e l i c i o u s ! Last night around 10:30 PM I grilled some chicken for me and D to have today.. I had mine stuffed in half of a pita with spinach and a drizzle of honey mustard. YUM! I also had half of a bell pepper and you can see cottage cheese with pineapples pictured however, I just wasn't able to get that down. I don't like cottage cheese, but I keep making myself give it "one more try". Well, it is OFFICIAL... I don't like cottage cheese. Lunch was very skimpy so it left me wanting for more. I drank 32 oz of water along with it to try and satisfy, but by 2:00-- I was starving, so I ate 15 almonds. I wish I had a protein bar or something because that didn't do the trick either. I had only had just shy of 600 calories for the day-- so there was no wonder! I cannot have another lunch like that again!

I am home now (yay!!) and for my snack I am munching on 14 apple slices and 1 T ( or maybe a little more) of peanut butter. I also bought some new green tea last night! It's sooooo yummy! I bought Salada brand Green Tea with Orange and Strawberry. The flavors are SO rich.

Lately I have been feeling very hungry.. D did some research and found out the 3 cups of green tea I drink a day alone account for burning approx. 80 calories each day! So I need to eat a little more to compensate.
Since I am once again solo for dinner-- I might have spaghetti. I also don't know what's on the agenda today. I had a horrible day... horrible.. so I'd like to relax-- but chores have to be done :(
See ya later!

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