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29 February 2008

As promised....

... a morning blog! I have no pictures because I didn't have time to upload before school. I suppose I could have photographed my breakfast with my camera, but at before 8 AM my brain is not thinking logically. Next week I will finally begin my workout routine again so I will be able to post before I leave for work, pictures and all! I can't WAIT for you to see my breakfast! It was so yummy and delicious! I made my oats this morning because D had to be in Clarksville (30 minutes away) to work today. I made my oats with 1/2 skim and a few splashes of vanilla soy milk, added some cinnamon, cut up a banana and a dash of Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips! The chocolate was still a little too over powering (and I think they gave me a little tummy ache) I really only need about 10 chips for the whole bowl. Okay, well I do have work to do-- so I will see you around 4:00! Hope you have a GREAT F R I D A Y!!
T G I F!!!
That's for sure! The kids were on crack today I swear! I am SO glad it's friday! I have lots of fun things planned for the weekend... well not really-- but I am SUPER excited to go shopping tomorrow for things we need to complete the house! Anyway-- back to my food.

Lunch was a repeat of dinner last night and I cannot stress enough how delicious the Heartland Perfect Balance pasta is! I had spaghetti with a romaine and spinach salad drizzled with a little Ken's. You see pictured my jell-o that I again didn't eat. I don't like the black cherry flavor either and I now understand why Cool Whip Free was the ONLY Cool Whip at the store last week. It's gross stuff people. Stick to the original or the light. So needless to say I didn't want my jell-o. I started snacking on my 15 almonds around noon and ate on them for a few hours.
It's so nice to be home now! The sun is shining (which I usually don't like) but the weather is BEAUTIFUL today! I think I might charge the iPod and go for a walk. For now I am snacking on a banana filled with crunchy peanut butter and green tea.. I REALLY was in the mood for a small cup of oaties but I left both the skim and the soy milk out of the fridge all day...... MEGA OOPS. I am enjoying my Elvis combo I have to say!

Fajitas for dinner tonight!! The hubby will be home to eat with me! (yay!) then back of to job number 2.. and house cleaning for me. :( (boo)

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