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28 February 2008

Heartland Pasta=Whole Wheat Goodness!

Dinner was sooo yummy! I have tried whole wheat pasta in the past and it was just so gritty and gross. However, I am the queen of second chances so I gave it another whirl. Heartland brand makes a fabulous whole wheat pasta! It was so nutty and delicious. I topped my pasta with 1/2 cup tomato sauce with lean beef that I made Monday night. I also had a romaine & spinach salad with a tsp. of Ken's Light Honey Mustard.

After cleaning up and doing the dishes, I had my "snow cream" yogurt with about tsp. of Uncle Sam's Cereal. I've never actually had Uncle Sam's before as actual "cereal" but I think it would be great with some soy milk.

I hate eating alone, I feel like an old cat lady! haha. I am very thankful I have my two sweet babies to keep me company!

Okay all-- off to finish laundry, have some relaxing hot tea, and snuggle into bed! I SERIOUSLY plan to post BEFORE work tomorrow! ha! Wish me luck!

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