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26 February 2008

Winter Snow

As you can tell I have to make my Breakfast, lunch, & snacks post in the late afternoon due to my work schedule. However, I plan to start making my breakfasts post BEFORE work...maybe. ha! At least I have ambition. Of course, I had my usual bowl of blueberry oaties this morning and my small nalgene.

Leftovers... Y U M! I thought the meatloaf was good last night... It was FABULOUS today! Not dry AT ALL.. I think I might have it for dinner AGAIN this evening.. I don't know. I am a creature of habit, so when I find something I like, I don't mind to eat it 50 days in a now. So lunch was 2 "muffins", broccoli from last night, 1/4 cup cantaloupe balls and some sugar free lime jello with a small tablespoon of cool whip free. I didn't care for the lime jell-o, but I ate the cool whip anyway! I love my lunch buddies and lunch conversation was interesting as always!


Today I think I just got the munchies--so over a period of about an hour I ate 15 almonds (not photographed, sorry.) A while later I had the other half of my Luna Peppermint Stick-and I savored every last bite! Seriously... try it!

This afternoon when I got home from work it started to snow! So beautiful. I love to watch snow fall. So I made some Citrus Green tea and had a snack of apples and peanut butter. My favorite afternoon snack.

Since my hubby is now working two jobs, my houseload has just increased. This evening I plan to make some LONG overdue cookies for my next door neighbor--they mowed our lawn this summer when we first bought our house in and I am JUST now getting around to making them thank- you cookies... horrible, I know. And of course laundry and prepping all of tomorrows meals for the two of us. Oh sad.. the snow is stopping.. I guess that means my snow watching is over....

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