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27 February 2008


Just as the snow came this morning (photo taken early this AM, more snow fell there after) it was gone! I just got home from my very long day, sat down with my new strawberry/orange green tea to transfer my pictures from my camera. I then unhooked the camera from loading (because I think it's done of course) deleted all the pictures from my camera---only to realize that oops... one of the files that I was uploading needed to be renamed! Sadly, all the pictures I took today won't be making the blog! They were SO cute!

Anyway.... I did go to Russellville today to see my Papa, go to the store for him, and cook enough food for him to eat on this week. I got him a cell phone for is birthday earlier this month, but he didn't like the case so we had to go to cingular and exchange that. He accompanied me to Wal-Mart this time, which was interesting to say the least. With driving and shopping time it pushed my lunch back to 4:15!! I was STARVING. My oaties stayed with me until about 3:00. For lunch I had my favorite deli chicken breast and spinach stuffed in a whole wheat pita. I had a low-fat cheese stick, half of a green pepper and a gala apple that I shared with my Papa. I also cooked for my Papa while I was there! I made him Turnip greens, cabbage, green beans with new potatoes, mashed potatoes, grilled chicken, and cornbread. He likes the same same same-- so next week I am sure the menu will be the same. He's a sweet thing.

By 6:30 I was finally on my way home -- and a little hungry so I had a Zone Perfect bar or something like that. I will NOT be having it again because it had WAY to much fat in it and I am a little upset that I didn't notice that before. I like to have a protien shake in the afternoon, but because I've been on the go so much I've been having these bars that just don't cut it. Back to my shake tomorrow.

Once I got back to Hopkinsville, I needed to run to Kroger to get some cookies for D and some new green tea for myself! He had already had dinner, so I asked him to saute me some broccoli and I grabbed a potato on my way home. I ate half of the potato and mixed it with the broccoli and it was very yummy. I liked it a lot.
As I am now watching my FAVORITE show Project Runway while drinking my new strawberry/orange green tea.
I do hope you enjoyed the pictures I added soley for your viewing pleasure!
Stick with me kids.. it'll be better tomorrow.


jamielynne318 said...

Congrats on losing 25 pounds so far!! I think it's great that you are taking the initiative to change your lifestyle and become healthier. I think a lot more people in this country need to do that. As you know, I am horrible when it comes to food and refraining from eating fatty foods, so I probably won't be much help to you. I can say CONGRATS though and keep up the good work!!! I miss you all!


Mandy said...

Zone bars actually aren't bad for ya :) I think the dietitian on the Firm board gives thumbs up to balance bars, zone bars and luna bars!

But you gotta do what feels best for your body :)

Your papa looks so sweet! I'm sure he enjoys his time with you!

steff. said...

Mandy-- The Zone bar was VERY good and very filling. I DO need to add more calories to my day. I love the luna bars but balance bars are horrible. I am going to go check out the firm website.
Aww thanks about my Papa.. he's a sweet man and I love him a lot.