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26 February 2008

Not meatloaf AGAIN?!

I LOVE the show Roseanne.. and her family like most, hate meatloaf. In one early episode Roseanne takes Darlene's Home Economics class on a field trip to buy stuff to make meatloaf. One child asks her when the meatloaf is done and she says " When the oldest child runs down stairs and says ' oh no! not meatloaf again!'" We still have one MORE serving of meatloaf.. I think I might take it to work tomorrow and share unless DL wants it. (DL- yet another nickname for the hubby.)
So here's my dinner line up.. Mini Meatloaf, Broccoli, Cantaloupe with just a smidgen of cottage cheese. I actually liked that cottage cheese so I think I will have it again tomorrow for lunch.
The magazines were stacked because I was eating solo- and will be since D has a second job now. We'll be completing our house in April so I need some inspiration!

I normally have hot tea before I go to bed but I decided to have it after dinner today. D received bad news today and I am alone and feeling depressed and tea is just so soothing. I might just have another cup before bed.

On another note-- The cookies I made for the neighbors... well... I put WAY too much cocoa in them, which I have NEVER done before. Oh well. I can try again tomorrow. :o)

Oh yes!! I received a WONDERFUL package today from my friend pixel! (an etsy friend! Might I direct you to & ) I did her a very small favor and she sent me the sweetest little package today! Below is what was wrapped in the green paper. It's a magnet with my little pixiepie doll on it!! So sweet.

God does give us what we need yet not more than we can handle. I am a firm believer that all things happen for a reason. Little packages and pick me ups like this happen on days when we need them most...

G'night all!


Mandy said...

Another great day for you :)

Yeah, I'm not a fan of jello myself... but the whip cream is ALWAYS good ;)

I think I am going to make the meatloaf muffins tonight or tomorrow... I may slice up the leftovers and use them on a sandwich! Yum!! Meatloaf sandwiches! Have a good day sweetie!

steff. said...

Did you find the recipe?
Let me know how you like them!
Thanks so much for reading and your sweet comments by the way :o) Also-- for your inspiration!