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07 May 2008

My Life= Crazy!

Hi Guys!! I should have known this would happen. Every Year when Spring Break hits.. it's as if the kids morph into gnarling monster's and time well... time is non existent in the "free" sense that is. Anyhow I am SO busy! With work, D having 2 jobs, my Papa and everything else, TRYING to keep up on working out my "free" "me" time is VERY low. My PLAN is to update my blog ONCE a week on SATURDAY'S through the month of May. I was telling D that with the stress that May brings in general (Lot's of B-day's, Mother's Day, END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR---that's number one, etc.) I simply CANNOT believe I negotiated buying a house this time last year. It's a TRUE miracle I made it through that one! haha!! So that's the plan STAN! :o) You're not really missing much right now. I am as always eating oats for breakfast like clock work.. except on the weekends when I eat a turkey bacon, egg, cheese sammie muffin OR cereal. My lunch is just as interesting as ever and since I am too busy to cook We eat a lot of subbies and I eat salads and potatoes! MMM! :o) Tomorrow night I AM finally cooking for D so I might throw up a little picture.. but it's his b-day celebration. And by celebration I mean I am baking a cake, cooking dinner, renting a movie and giving him a card.. lol. I haven't planned his "real" party yet. He's going to DC at the end of the month... that should be his party! lol. A week away from me!! I HAVE however stumbled across MANY fine funny things here in Hopkinsville...hehe.. you just wait!! Thanks for being troopers and understanding!! I have lost 2 more lbs.. Please.. do a happy dance for me. :o)

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